Mental Care
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Mental Care


A meaning of workplace "Mental Care" which is "staff of workplace take lots of communication and support each other for every staff can work with lots of vitality and cheerfully".

Our Company deeply consider "Mental Care" that is very important thing so we are active with three themes.

   1.Every staff try to understands about "Mental Diseases".
   2.Try to early protect and find "Mental Diseases".
   3.Try to make efforts improvement of "Mental Diseases".

In the modern society, we surely have some of stresses. There are parsons who can take good communication but other one can not.
Whoever have crisis what is going to “Mental Diseases".

We are considering that "Mental Care" is going to be fine everyday.


What is "Mental Care" ?

Regularly we will open briefing session for understand "Mental Care" and grow up each staff of recognition and then we will create lively workplace environment.

Relationship of person and person

We will take kind and close communication with staff, there is no position of the company relationships.
Our purpose which take kind full communication, we understand staff "Mental Care" status and try to early find "Mental Diseases".
Our Company will enough take care of "Mental Care", but if someone who have some kind of "Mental diseases" then we will take kind and close communication, and then we will find and decide what is best way together.