Environmental Policy
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Environmental Policy

Listy endeavors company activities that consider global environment the following environmental policy.

Environmental Philosophy

Listy considers that the global environment protection is high-priority issue of the world and social responsibility as the company, Listy tries for actions of the global environment protection, contribute to development of "the Economic Society which can coexist with a Global Environment" and contributes to be able to succeed to this beautiful earth in the next generation.

Environmental Action Policy

  • Observe the environment-related law and the regulations.
  • Try for the operation that considered the Global Environment.
  • Try for expansion of the handling of products / services that considered the Global Environment.
  • Do consciousness improvement for the Global Environment problem.
  • Measure the greenhouse gas and try for reduction of the greenhouse gas.
  • Promote "Reuse" "Reduce" "Recycle" of the resources and the energy.
  • When Environmental problem was occurred in operation, plan improvement for prevention of recurrence on solution promptly.
  • Support participation of the Global Environment protection activity and the community contribution activity.
  • About the Environmental policy, publicize it to all employees, the subcontractor and request it for understanding and cooperation.
  • Review the environmental management regularly and improve continuously.

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