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Company Profile

Company Name Listy Inc.
Address headquarters

MARUZEN OTSUKA BLDG 4F 3-34-7 Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 170-0005
TEL +81-3-5956-1830 FAX +81-3-5956-1831

Foundation Date May 18, 2007
Accounting period The end of February
Director President / CEO           Eisaku Kawaguchi
Vice President / COO  SenJoe Chin
Director / CTO             Takeshi Onzuka
Dealings bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
History May 2007 : Listy establishment in Toshima-Ku Tokyo, Japan

Company philosophy

For the next generation's person.
For children of the future.

Keeping no change of this wonderful earth in the future and breaking out
Aiming at being able to actually feel that you may be born in this earth and Happy
Listy creates a gentle business to Global environment all over the world
and Listy contributes to the society.

<the origin of Company name>
Wonderful Life, Nature Living, Our Li berty Style
And Create NEW Style.

Company policy

  • Today's Listy must grow up from yesterday's Listy.
  • Today's Listy should be able to build the base of tomorrow's Listy.
  • Today's Listy must make someone happy even by oneself.

Action policy

  • Challenge a dream and make an effort for realization and act.
  • Respect an individual and face each other in good faith / sincerity / honesty and act.
  • We think about relationship of win-win-win for all of the people.
  • Always think about sense of purpose / critical minds and act.
  • The idea is thought, sent, and shared.
  • Thinks about the maximization of the additional value that becomes a profit and it acts.
  • Oneself is pleased,others are made to be pleased, and the society is useful.
  • The social responsibility is always asked.
  • Try to stopping Global Warming and Global Environment protection.
  • It takes a rest.
  • Something aim of one world 1 and world 1 are considered.
  • Wash the world and change the world.
  • Once happily with a smile on the first 'Thank You'.