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System Solution Service

"Easy to understand, uses easily, and easy to remember" is assumed to be a motto as our system solution, the development experience in abundant business and the service systems is used, and the system along your demand it is high-quality and with reliability and the extendibility is constructed. Customer's "Smile" after finally it introduces the system and it operates it is seen and it aims at "It is useful".

Moreover, it not only develops systems but also the system ..the system proposal and the consulting.. is developed our following minds.

[High quality/ Reliability/ Expansibility] [Low cost] [Improvement of the productivity]

  • The system which I designed along your company business and a service flow.
  • Not high performance many functions, (I can't make sense)
  • (Easy to understand/ easy to use/ and easy to learn): as the important point, The system that a practitioner can treat it without inconvenience, and productivity / the effectiveness of your company improves.


We will offer service such as diagnosis, planning, improvement in various domains about information inflection of the company.

IT Consulting
About a network, a database, security, we consult on the basis of the trend technology inspection of the latest technology / product, a practice example.

Operation consulting
The optimization of the operation management such as appropriate operation business designs by the work flow and the cost reductions by the automation tool use business is supported.


From the plan of the information system to a design/ development / test / introduction / maintenance, we carry out the construction of the company information system for total in a gross.

System Development Service
We design development of duties and a service system. We make the most suitable system depending on a type of industry business condition and the needs of the visitor.

System Maintenance Service
It has already been introduced, and the correction and the function of the business system that is operation are added corresponding to the change and the expansion, etc. of the business.


We are wide and support the operative management, duties use, system maintenance, user support, education.

Information System Maintenance Service
The operation management of the key system of the enterprise is executed overall. It corresponds in various forms like a host centralized system, a client server system, and Web system system, etc. by a large-scale general purpose machine.

Business Process and Outsourcing
A necessary business and the system operation are undertaken the accomplishment of customer's business. The business process is optimized, and it contributes to the improvement of the operating effectiveness and the service level.


The WEB Site is caught as advertising media, the conversion rate of the improvement of sales and the number of inquiries etc. is considered, and the Web Site along each purpose of your company that thought about cost-effectiveness is made.
Moreover, I will propose a suitable design for your image by the designer of our company.


The Construction Results

  • Utilities --- A system use system of administration / accounting system / residence tax system
  • The finance business --- A 401(k) plan system
  • Service trade --- A business support system/receipt of money system of administration/A point marketing system for handheld units/Point system for handheld units/A general meeting of stockholders support system/A local information reading system
  • Medical system --- A clinical test result system of administration
  • Distribution system --- A freight information inquiry update system